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Woman Claims she was Once Raped by man Butchered To Death in Akwa Ibom (video)


On Sunday 10 January, a young corper who currently serving in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state identified as Princess Pascaline Odume was arrested by the police for allegedly murdering a man identified as Japhet Akwaowo.

A day after the arrest, a Nigerian lady, an Akwaibomite by name Effiong Laurel Scott, has claimed she was raped by the man who was hacked to death by a NYSC member in Akwa Ibom

In a statement by the culprit, Princess Pascaline Odume: “killed the man in self-defense after he threatened to kill me after I refused to remove my clothes so that he could have sex with me”

In a viral video trending online, Miss. Effiong alleged that the man who was butchered to death by corper Odume also raped her way back in 2017 when she was 18.

In the her video she narrated that on scrolling through Facebook she stumbled on a post which read thus: ‘Even if it was a rape case, why would she kill the guy?’

She said: “That caught my attention and I went through the post and I started reading through and this was the girl’s side of the story that said the guy tried to rape her. I was like let me see the girl’s photo and the guy’s photo. As God would have it, it turns out that this was the guy that raped me in 2017, July 17th to be precise in Etinan local government.”

“He is not just a rapist, he is a serial rapist” she added.

She narrated: “So this guy met me. He sounded so sound. The guy was like since you are in a haste, just give me your number. When you come back we would get to see and talk. Me too I was in a haste so I was like let me just give him my number, it’s not like I was going to pick his call.

“On my way back home, when I was on the exact spot that he met me to get my number, my phone rang and I picked up and he was like where are you?. I told him I was where he saw me. By this time, this was around 6.30 in the evening. In Etinan, by 6pm, everybody is already on their way home or in their houses. It is already late and almost dark.

“He told me to stop by a filling station. I stopped by and stood beside it. Listen to the storyline so that you would know that the whole ””jazz” thing that the girl said is true and it is realistic. It is very very true that the guy uses ”jazz” on his victims. He hypnotises them.

“He told me that he told his Aunty that I was coming by to visit him. I was still having some sense in me. I was like no I cannot come to your house, I just met you. This guy kept on convincing me. We stood on that spot and kept on convincing me. At a time I was like, Okay, let me just waste my own time, let me go with this guy.

“The road he entered and started taking me through was a bush track. He took me through that road and in my mind, I was like what are we doing here exactly. By the time we got into the house, the house was like a deserted place.

” So I got into the house and the moment I saw it, I said I can’t stay here. So I got up and told him I was going, maybe I would come another time. I reached for the door. Lo and Behold, the door was locked.

” As I turned my back to ask him to open the door, this guy got a matchete and a pen knife. He told me in that girl’s exact words that he will rape me and kill me and nobody will know about it and nobody will do anything about it. Yes! Those were his exact words to me too. No single thing changed.

“I begged as an 18 year old. I begged. I cried. What didn’t I do that day. I begged him. I was literally crying.

She concluded that the guy had his way with her.


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