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White Woman Spotted Hanging on the Back of a Moving Bus in Lagos (Video)


An unknown white woman has gone viral after being captured on tape hanging on a bus in motion.

In the video which surfaced online, the female could be seen on the back of a business bus which was once reportedly plying her work route and so she decided to tag along.

It is uncertain if she hung on the bus due to lack of transport fare or if she just desired to do something adventurous.

The eyewitness that recorded the clip ought to be heard making a jest of the state of affairs as he said; Oyibo don cast us”

See video below:




  1. This is a clear example of when you get to Rome, behave like the Romans. Lagos can humble person shaa especially if alarm(broke) hit you.🤣🤣

  2. If you still act normal in Lagos, you will be crying every day

    Lagos suffers violence and only the violence ones reaches they destination

  3. I said this before but let me repeat for the benefit of some: Lagos is not a place for normal humans…you just can’t be normal and succeed in Lagos!

  4. You cant be in Lagos and still behave normal, I left Lagos few years back and up till now I never get myself 😂😂. Allumminium village, agbotikuyo Agege pencinema I can never forget😁


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