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Top 10 Problems in Lagos State


Living in a big city is not always as rosy as it appears on paper and the Lagos life clearly typifies this. In this light, there are a number of issues to contend with as a Lagosian, and we try to look at 10 of the most prevalent of them today.

As a resident of Lagos, the economical capital of Africa’s most populous nation, you are bound to suffer a number of setbacks that are so rife they almost become a part of your everyday existence.

And while some of these problems are understandable, as with other major cities of the world, there are some issues in our ‘City of Excellence’ that could be better managed or completely eradicated better still. Here is hoping the government of today can look into and help address these problems.

Now, without further ado, below are the 10 commonest problems faced as a result of living in Lagos:

1. Noise Pollution – Lagos is a polluted city in terms of noise control vis-a-vis the survival of the people. This has been the case for decades and it is so unusual when compared to other major cities in neighbouring countries.

2. Air Pollution – A clear case of inadequate power supply in the state means that many residents and commercial centres have to rely on diesel and fuel generators for survival. In addition to this, there are thousands of un-roadworthy vehicles plying the roads and these contribute to a large amount of exhaust fumes, among which are other forms of harmful materials, into the air.

The presence of these make life a hazard for both man, pets and other living organisms.

3. Undue Rush Owing To Population Surge – This is pretty self-explanatory and stems from the heavily populated nature of the city of Lagos. There are too many people having to survive with so little amenities and this is a real problem today.
4. Erratic Power Supply – The absence or inadequate supply of power in Lagos has led to several issues. Inadequate power has grounded many businesses in the city, spiked the cost of living and doing business and caused a lot more problems than we can begin to explain here, including posing security challenges.

5. Inadequate Security – The problems of poor security checks in Lagos state makes living and doing business a hard nut to crack, and consequently puts a blot on the city’s overall image.

This is really bad for foreign investors looking to come in and do business, or for tourists looking to come by and have a feel of the pizzazz and night life in the heart of the city.

6. Transportation Troubles – Road is the major means of transportation within Lagos state but unfortunately the roads are not exactly as decent as they should be.

As a result, there are high costs of commuting over a little distance as a result of poor road networks, bad roads as well as too many vehicles plying too few roads, and corrupt traffic policemen and women, among other things.

7. Corrupt Policemen – The Nigerian Police Force has a completely huge role to play in helping ensure security of lives and properties in the city of Lagos but they haven’t exactly risen to the occasion.

On many instances, they are caught in the web of corruption themselves; steady loitering the state in pick-up vans and scheming for bribes and whatnot.

8. Motor Park Thugs – These groups have operated without fear or regard for the law for so many years it now feels like a natural thing.

The Lagos state government has the primary role of ensuring the state is habitable, and so unscrupulous elements such as street urchins and uniformed motor park thugs must be done away with for a more thriving state and overall better living conditions.

9. Inadequate Amenities And Infrastructural Facilities – Many of the inhabitants of the city grapple with the odds of living with poor infrastructural facilities and this has had its toll on living conditions for decades.

Only a few part of the population can lay claim to living in a truly functional part of the state, a trend that makes the government appear elitist in Lagos.

10. Unemployment – This is another major setback in the city of Lagos and, though this is a new administration, one can only hope for a change as was promised during the election campaigns.


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