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Runs girls cry out for help as they fall victim to ritualist (video)


Some runs girls have been pranked by men who invited them to have a nice time together at an undisclosed hotel.

Nevertheless, in a video which surfaced online, the girls were pranked by the men who pretended to be ritualists that intend to use them for money.

At the beginning, one of the girls was seen running into the room where the other girls were and she started lamenting.

The others were initially calm but as more men came out from different corners, robed in red clothe and holding candles, they became really scared and started screaming for help.


  1. It’s funny, yet disheartening and alarming how people can go headlong in the very wrong directions, only to call Jesus for help when it gets sour

  2. Wahala be like weytin happened to my guy in Ghana. He went into a nightclub and turned off the DJs music and decided to preach. Before he could shout praise the Lord, He saw himself flying in the air and later found himself in the hospital with bandages all over him. He was at my place to complete his treatment cos he couldn’t continue the payment…… ndi over zealous brothers in Christ….

  3. I’m sure for one month they won’t do runs and follow Jesus Christ they’re calling.,now they’ll understand that if Jesus Christ can save in such situation.,the same Jesus Christ can make their lives better without endulging into runs in the name of to survive or anything

  4. Jesus is always the one bearing the whole brunt of humanity…its not by calling his name…y not have a personal relationship with him so he can take full control of your wellbeing….the true sons of God do not even need to call on him, HE RESPONDS AUTOMATICALLY ….OUR GOD IS MIGHTY TO SAVE

  5. Lol … So Runs girls dey shout Blood of Jesus….?

    Nothing wey I never see for this country but this one got me rolling on the floor oh… I just love this country so much if not for the bad government Nigeria is the best country to live in because why every day you must have a reason to laugh

  6. O dou RUns gal.

    Pay payee of Uber and Bolt. Without you bolt drivers will loose their works.

    I fear some women for Gods sake. My friend who is a Bolt Driver was telling me one of the gals he carried one day was busy asking there are two men am supposed to see after this one. But am confused the other one is stingy and the other one Has money small but not stingy. What should I do? Haaaa my friend shouted Jesus not even knowing.

    And said to himself God please bless me so my sister will not find her self in this type of mess.

    It is so heart breaking to see women devalue themselves to the level of a sex worker

  7. Moreover, if you are a runs girls and you have read this headline and you refused to change, then you will be crestfallen for life, you will be dejected, infact you will be psychologically marooned into the wilderness of helplessness and doomed hope, infact you will be despondent. Let me make my writing brief..

  8. Now imagine this was real, that is how they would have lost their lives all because of money. Do you know many of these girls are already walking corpse just waiting for the hour to stop breathing.


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