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Nnamdi Kanu Wanted To Be Arrested – Man claims


Following the arrests of the Biafran separatist leader, Nnamdi Kanu, a post extracted from a page on Facebook, VIRAL has maintained that the IPOB leader “wanted to be arrested”

Nnamdi Kanu

In his the post, he alleged that Kanu’s arrest is an attempt for him to return to Nigeria. “Are you angry? Are you bemused? Has your heart been broken?

I have a good news for you, what will change if you learn that Nnamdi Kanu actually wanted to be arrested? What will change if I tell you that Nnamdi Kanu wanted to come back to Nigeria in an interesting fashion?

I don’t want you to rejoice too early, but be sure that whatever you are going to read now will alter your perspective about the events of last 24 hours. All I ask is that you be calm and follow the last instruction that I will give here.” He added

” More facts have surfaced, many of them are full blown propaganda. But we have managed to gather few incontrovertible evidence for what we are now ready to prove.

Don’t rejoice yet, make sure you follow the last instruction.

You must have heard that Nnamdi Kanu was arrested in Africa. Some sources said he was arrested in south America while others insist he was extradited from UK.

Now, one incontrovertible truth we can hold with confidence as at now is that Nnamdi was arrested but he was not extradited or arrested in UK or any part of the civilized world. You must follow this very carefully.

The reason being that Nnamdi Kanu’s name is not in INTERPOL’s watch list. The INTERPOL is like the FBI in America that engages in criminal investigations of persons and organizations.

If Nnamdi Kanu is in UK’s watch list, he would be closely monitored and for extradition to occur, there are legal processes which involves that Nnamdi Kanu must be aware of it, must not be allowed to move out of UK, must be in custody.

The truth is that Nnamdi Kanu knows that once inside UK or America or any part of the civilized world, no person can arrest him and nobody did.

So how possibly was he arrested?

Some propaganda news channels reported that he was caught in a hotel with a girl in a South American country where they lured him to. They regarded this as an intelligence breakthrough. Quite laughable.

But this is the greatest lie you have heard so far. The media tactics has always been to blackmail him and to drain the confidence people have in him. I want to ask you this: when you read the story did you believe it?

I have a quick surprise for you!

Nnamdi Kanu planned his arrest himself and you will be shocked I have some details to this. Nnamdi Kanu knows his locations in the western world cannot be kept secret. Once you board an aircraft, your log is open to public access.

Nnamdi Kanu did not intend to make his travel a secret, he knows it is not necessary. He tells us when he will go to America and what day he will return. The question is, why did he decide to travel to a vulnerable ground?

By Nnamdi Kanu traveling to a vulnerable ground and with his location in public domain, he knew he was up for an arrest. It is not a presumption, he understands that no one can keep this secret. He also knows that some Nigerians are working in the airport from which he departed, as such, he was well planned.”

From all indications, Nnamdi Kanu was not taken by surprise, he simply wanted to be arrested. The 1 million dollar question is, why did Nnamdi Kanu want an arrest?

Finally, he urged everyone not to be overconfident, maintaining that he has a lot of things to share.

“But we call it a day here. Stay around this page and if you have not joined us, you are losing a lot.” 


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