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Man goes with musicians to propose to girlfriend but caught her cheating (video)


A viral video of a man who went with musicians to propose to his girlfriend but caught her cheating has incited multiple actions on social media.

Infidelity they say is heart wrenching. Being cheated by someone you love can be devastating.

A man in love has been left heartbroken after his move to propose to his girlfriend with musicians led to a shocking discovery.

The man in question went to her place with musicians which were meant to perform for her, only to find her in a compromising position with another man.

In the video circulating online, the man who arrived at his girlfriend’s apartment caught her giving oral s*x to an unidentified man in her apartment.

She was seen at the end of the video looking out from the window and quickly withdrawing after spotting her boyfriend.

See video below:



  1. There’s nothing much to say, it’s the sorry situation of our contemporary society; people without core values moving upandan. No integrity, no self-respect or respect for their partners, no dignity whatsoever. It’s pitiable and the fact that it’s becoming unbecoming makes it even worse. There’s somfin genetically wrong with this generation. May God have mercy

  2. You remember this song?

    Thank you for saving me, thank you my lord (2x)?

    May God destroy your relationship when you are sincere but your patner is not.


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