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Lady who took to the streets to beg for job celebrates


Praise Atakele had taken to the streets of Warri in February to plead for a job despite having a bachelor’s and Master’s degree has finally gained employment.

She subsequently went viral and revealed weeks later that her email was bombarded with job offers from UK and US.

Praise, in a recent post via her Twitter handle, announced that she has finally landed a job.

Although she did not state the location of the company that employed her.

Below is her tweet:



  1. This kind job, you dare not go to work late anyday before your boss will start telling you how you contributed to the problem of Nigeria as he reminds you how you were carrying placard walking on streets in search for a job, now you’ve gotten one and your village people won’t let you concentrate 😢

  2. Since na the strategy to use gain attention from companies to employ us! What are we waiting for🤷 We should kukuma storm the street wit playcard.
    luck fit shine

  3. Nigeria…..so we have to carry placard on the streets before we will be handpicked for a job????
    Are you sure you’re proud as a Nigerian??


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