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Kidnapper pays ₦1.5m ransom to another kidnapper


A kidnapper simply known as Mohammed Amodu, famous for his harmful activities in the vicinity of Abuja, was abducted by another abductor, Buba Babu, 35, and had to pay N1,555,000 for his freedom.

CP Frank Mba, a Force public Relations officer, who paraded the two kidnappers alongside other criminals in Abuja Monday, Babu, said, is the third in power of a collection group headed by a spark plug, Said Babu was known for abducting citizens on highways around Abuja. Which was neutralized by the police alongside the second to the commander.

The Mba said Babu took the lead in the gang and was notorious for always killing abduction victims. Babu took Amodu into custody and when the kidnapper hesitated to pay, he was shot in the arm. The Mba said Mohammed bragged that he had charms and could not be fired and Babu shot him to show how serious he was.

The police spokesman said Babu had strong ties between a large terror group in northern Nigeria. Amodu, according to the Mba, was known as confirming because he was a famous shooter in the underground world. Yet he was kidnapped and detained and Mohammed was released after paying N1.55 million, the Mba said.

Amodu, who said he was involved in more abduction operations than he remembers, unveiled that he was abducted after providing 90 live ammunition bullets to Babu.

Kidnapper pays N1.5m ransom to regain freedom after abduction by another kidnapper

Amodu said Buba was associated with Boko Haram, and he recovered his freedom after paying the ransom. Amodu said there was a time when his own gang abducted 20 victims at a time. He said he saved up to N15 million of his harmful activities.

He said he witnessed an operation where Buba abducted 55 petsons from a luxurious bus at one point too, Buba said he had been abducted for three years. He said as King that he sends boys for major operations along the highways because he never worked in the city.

He said he broke up with Buji to form his own kidnapping gang because of injustice in sharing ransom money.


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