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If Your Gas Cylinder Catches Fire, Don’t Pour Water, Do This One Important Thing To Quench The Fire


Nearly 70% of Nigerians, I suppose, have moved from using a stove to using a gas stove. This is an important topic to cover because most people favor this gas for a variety of reasons, but we must also learn emergency safety procedures. Nobody is perfect, and we may find ourselves in a position where the gas cylinder catches fire, in which case we must act quickly to extinguish the blaze.
In many houses, the most popular source of cooking fuel is a gas cylinder. LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is used to fill gas cylinders, which is very flammable by nature. As a result, you need take some precautions when using gas cylinders in your house.

If your gas cylinder catches fire, I’m sure the first thought that springs to mind is to douse it with water and sand, but there is a better approach to deal with the situation. Which way are you going? Simply wet a large towel in water until it is totally saturated and place it over the gas source. Simply cover the mouth where the gas comes out with a damp cloth or blanket if a gas cylinder catches fire, and the fire will be extinguished.

Gas cylinders are necessary household products, but they can be lethal if handled improperly. If the source of the gas leak is found and halted, a damp cloth or wet blanket should be placed around the cylinder when LPG bottles catch fire. This prevents the cylinder’s metal body from overheating and allows the gas to cool before reaching ignition temperature.


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