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Don’t Be Lost in Learning and Lessons of 2020, Lagos State Governor, Abiru Tell Nigerians


Lagos State Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has advocated Nigerians, in specific residents to enter the New Year with a rekindled and renewed hope in themselves and the kingdom that things will get extended in 2021.

Also, despite ravaging COVID-19 challenges, Senator Tokunbo Abiru, representing Lagos East Senatorial District has expressed optimism that Year 2021 will be the commencing of economic recovery and transformation in Nigeria.
Sanwo-Olu in his New Year’s message whilst speakme to journalists at the State House, Marina on Thursday, counseled human beings not to enter 2021 with any grievance, ache or regrets, saying that all negative things be left with 2020.

In a statement, he said “I wish every Lagosian a happy New Year. We pray that 2021 will be a year of rekindled hope for all of us in our homes, offices, schools, health facilities and every facet of life that we find ourselves.

“We want to say to all our people that indeed as difficult as 2020 might have appeared to each one of us, we should not be lost in the learning and lessons of 2020. We should not enter 2021 with any grievance, pain and regrets because that should just be left with 2020.

“In 2021, we must have that belief and rekindled hope that things would get better. We should not forget the learning and the lessons because it is only when you have learnt from what has happened that you can become a better person going forward. And there should not be any form of bitterness and anger.”
Sanwo-Olu who wished all residents a prosperous 2021, said,

“Let us enter the New Year afresh, refreshed and with a renewed hope in ourselves and in our nation because indeed, this is the only place we have and we all can build it together. And this government is committed to ensure that it is always the greatest good for the greatest number and we will ensure that in all facets we would impact the lives of our citizens positively.

Also, Abiru, in his new year’s message, titled: “Welcome to Year 2021, noted that despite all its low moments, residents and Nigerians in general still have every cause to appreciate God for all the events of Year 2020.

Year 2020 has in the end folded into the armpits of history. It was once maybe the most challenging 12 months in our latest records as a federation given the outbreak of COVID-19 that plunged our economy into a recession and the eruption of EndSARS protests that called for a extra accountable, transparent and citizen-focused policing structure.

“For us in Lagos East, Year 2020 will remain unforgettable for two major reasons. First, we lost notably Senator Adebayo Osinowo, Chief Lanre Rasaq and Tunde Braimoh at the height of the first wave of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“May God Almighty continue to comfort and uphold their families. Secondly, we held our bye-elections in which we recorded a 87.19 per cent landslide in the senatorial contest and 82.61 per cent in the state legislative race with your support.

“Despite all its low moments, Dear Compatriots, we have cause to appreciate God for all the events of Year 2020.

“We are alive, hale and healthy to witness the New Year amid hope and optimism. For this reason alone, I rejoice with you all, believing that Year 2021 will, by the grace of God be the beginning of our economic recovery and transformation

“As the Federal Government pursues the implementation of its economic recovery plan and the Government of Lagos State rolls out different initiatives to improve the quality of life in the state, I will
Join hands with my colleagues to provide necessary legislative support required towards repositioning our economy in the New Year.”

The Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu added that plans have been concluded in the first quarter of this year to formally inaugurate an Endowment Fund, a personal empowerment initiative set up for the indigent brilliant students, the aged, the youths and the vulnerable, including persons with special needs.

The fund, he stated would complement the efforts of the federal and country governments in the areas of intelligence acquisition and capacity development.

“Welcome to Year 2021. It shall bring us expected and happy ends by the grace of Almighty Allah.”


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