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Don Jazzy got married at age 20, divorced at 22


Don Jazzy 38 years old founder and CEO of Mavin Records has breaks  silence that sets lots of his fan off balance.

Popular Nigerian Music Producer and Record Label owner, Michael Collins, but widely known by his stage name Don Jazzy has finally broken the silence about his love life.

Done Jazzy

It would be recalled that a lot of people and followers of the Mavin records have always been on his neck to reveal when he was going to get married or when he will reveal the woman behind the scenes.

Don Jazzy’s ex wife,

Don Jazzy has, however, broken the silence about his relationship life as he revealed he was married when he was 20 years old, but got divorced from his wife at age 22 because he placed more priority on music than on his family.

He took to his Instagram page to share the emotional story about how his love for music made him lose his ex-wife and “best friend”.

In his words: “For so long everyone keeps asking me when am I getting married? Well the truth is almost 18 years ago I was 20 and I got married to my best friend Michelle @yarnstaswitch and it was beautiful…



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