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8 Reasons Men Should Marry Smart and Intelligent Women


Some studies suggest that many men tend to steer away from marrying smart women because they feel threatened. But there are five good reasons why men ought to swallow their pride and pursue a woman for her intelligence

A recent study conducted by the University of Aberdeen confirms that men who marry smart women tend to live longer. The respondents who were married to smart women showed less or no physical symptoms of dementia, even though their brain scans showed visible signs of the disorder. However, longer life is not the only reason that tempts men to marry smarter women, there are many more.

1. Safeguards You From Various Old Age Diseases : The biggest advantage of marrying a smart woman is the fact that it prevents you from a number of health problems like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Lawrence Whalley, professor emeritus of mental health at the University of Aberdeen, took part at in the Oxford Literature Festival and spoke at lengths about the merits of marrying a smart woman. He said that men who live in an intellectually stimulating environment are protected against the problems of Dementia and Alzheimer. A man’s immediate environment, especially the woman they get married to, plays an important in preventing dementia from taking on the better of you. Smart and intelligent women keep their husband’s brain active, thus safeguarding it from any such problem.

2. Dietary Controls : A smart woman is conscious about her health and knows what type of food is important for her body. If you marry a smart woman, you will also be treated with healthy food options that would improve your diet. She has an inclination to reading informative articles about the healthy and better ways to control diet. If you marry a smart woman, you can be assured that you’ll get the most healthy and nutritional food. She knows the nutritional value of every food and would tag you in while preparing a balanced diet chart for herself. And there’s no denying that a healthy diet would certainly help you lead a healthier and longer life. Better diet has a positive effect on fighting any type of cognitive decline.

3. Prevents Memory Loss : Not only does a smart woman keeps you safe from diseases like dementia and Alzheimer, but also prevents memory loss. Yes, marrying a smart woman protects you from various mental conditions, especially memory loss. The reason is simple; a smart woman keeps you intellectually stimulated and triggers your brain into remembering various things that you may be prone to forgetting otherwise. The conversation you have with a smart wife and the type of environment she creates for you is a big reason why you would never suffer memory loss even when you turn 80.

4. Gives You An Intellectual Boost : A smart woman would challenge you at various levels. Her intellect and smartness would make you want to learn more and compete against her at every point in life. Just like solving crossword puzzles, a smart wife challenges you at every level which helps in giving an intellectual boost to your brain. While finding solutions to the challenges thrown by her and trying to match her level of intelligence, your cognitive ability improves many folds.

5. Keeps You Motivated : Without any doubt, a smart woman would always keep you motivated even through the lowest phase of your life. A smart woman is always motivated and knows what she has to achieve in her life; her motivation is infectious and can easily motivate you to keep moving ahead in life. She has her life sorted and would make yours too. A smart woman would always keep you moving ahead and achieve bigger goals.

6. It’ll make your kids smarter

Some genetic researchers loosely suggest children get their intelligence from their mothers. This idea comes from knowledge that the “intelligence genes” are carried in the X chromosome, and since women pass on two X chromosomes and men only pass along one, there’s a greater chance that the mother’s genes will be given to their child.

7. Makes your marriage easier

You want to find a woman of similar intelligence to marry, even if that means she’s a bit smarter than you. Husbands and wives need to be equal partners to each other, not only for compatibility, but for the sake of their relationship. Marrying someone with a vastly different IQ than you can put a strain on your relationship. If you can’t see eye to eye most of the time, there’s bound to be problems

8. Neither of you will look the same in 20 years

There’s more to attraction than looks. Beauty fades, but intelligence lasts. The more you can appreciate your wife and love what’s on the inside (not just your wife’s looks), the happier you’ll be. You’ll be more satisfied in your marriage in the long run.

Marry a woman whose thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions you’re attracted to. Yes, chemistry is necessary, but most of that chemistry comes from bonding over long talks and growing together. She’ll ultimately complement your life. Find someone who is intelligent and challenges you to be better.


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