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5 Beauty Tips For Your Skin And Lips


Everybody wants beautiful and radiating skin, lips, and hair but the truth is that proper care has to be given to the body before it can be radiating and beautiful. If proper care is not given to the body, it might lead to flaky, dry skin and chapped lips.

This article will be showing you 5 ways you can take care of your body to achieve healthy beautiful skin, hair, and lips. So if you already have dry skin or chapped lips, follow these tips religiously.

Check them out below;

-Watch Your Diet: To achieve pleasant skin, you have to watch the kind of food you eat because your skin texture does not depend on external treatment but also on the type of nutrient you eat. We should endeavor to take at least 3 to 4 liters of water per day because it helps the skin to maintain moisture. Always take lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as they provide basic nutrients for the skin. Olive oil and primrose syrup help soften the skin.

-Moisturize Daily: The skin might get dry due to cold weather and cold wind, thus the need to always apply moisturizers and cold creams. After you take your bath in the morning, apply moisturizers on the face and dry areas of the body repeat the same at night before you sleep. Please it would be better to seek the advice of your dermatologist on the best brand of moisturizers and creams to use.

-Oil Therapy: For dry skin, you need to pamper your skin with coconut oil before you take tour bath to heal chaps and dryness. Add a few drops of oil into the water you will be using to bath, this action will help retain moisture on the skin. Also, you need to avoid using very hot water to bath because it decreases the natural oil produced by the skin.

-Use Flaxseed: Oil gotten from flaxseed helps to moisturize the body from the inside. Despite its unpleasant taste, it is very rich in vital fatty acids. So endeavor to add it to your daily diet.

-Lip Balm: Always apply lip balms to protect the lip from harsh weather and to keep it moisturized. Do this several times within the day. Some basic factors you should look out for while buying a lip balm includes, SPF (make sure the balm contains SPF 15 to 20), Shea butter, and vitamin E.



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