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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Eat Meat While Drinking Alcohol


A typical Nigerian would want to eat suya, fried, or boiled meat while downloading some bottles of beer. However, the pleasure that comes with meats and alcohol combination only pleases the tongue but could cause damage to the body.
To stay healthy and live longer without having to battle any health complications in the future. You should avoid eating meat while drinking alcohol and these are my reasons.

1. It stresses the liver (could lead to fatty liver disease)
Meat is healthy on its terms but it’s one of the foods that shouldn’t be consumed with alcohol because it doubles the task of your liver. Meat is high in protein and breaking down protein isn’t an easy job for the liver.

Just like meat, processing alcohol isn’t an easy job for the liver. According to studies, it takes the liver an hour to process one alcoholic beverage, and the liver processes over 90 percent of consumed alcohol leaving the rest to leave through sweat or urine.
Consuming alcohol and meat at the same time is a double task for the liver and it doubles your risk of having fatty liver disease. Alcohol could lead to chronic liver disease such as liver cirrhosis, it could also lead to alcoholic hepatitis.

2. It doubles your risk of having cancer

Red meat such as beef, lamb, or pork is either served fried, boiled, or roasted and they’re served on almost every occasion. According to studies, alcohol can increase your risk of having breast cancer, throat cancer, liver cancer, mouth cancer, colon cancer, esophageal cancer, and voice box cancer.

Excessive intake of red meat increases your risk of developing some health complications including bowel cancer. According to research, eating as small as 100grams of red meat per day is enough to increase your risk of having cancer. 100 grams of meat is equivalent to 3.5 ounces or 0.1 kilograms.

Now imagine taking a combination of meat and alcohol whenever you visit your favorite bar, you’re only helping yourself by doubling your risk of having cancer. You could end up being diagnosed with bowel cancer, and either of those other cancers that are linked with alcohol.

3. It could lead to obesity

Alcohol is one of the major factors that make people gain rapid weight. Meats are also high in fat content which adds to weight gain. As someone who wants to look fit, you’re not to eat meat while drinking alcohol, it boosts your chances of rapid weight gain, belly fat accumulation, and bloated stomach.


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