Nollywood and Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau will be appearing in a sharia court in Kaduna over allegations of blasphemy levelled against her after she shared photos that exposed her back on Twitter.

CorrectNG reported earlier that Rahama Sadau is allegedly under police investigation after the racy photos she shared triggered blasphemous comments. It was gathered that the investigation is linked to the blasphemous comment on the Holy Prophet Mohammed the racy photos incited.

A press release signed by Lawal Muhammad Gusau on behalf of the Concerned and Peace Loving Muslim Ummah, listed some conditions that must be met before she defends herself.

It was also noted that the case against her “is a matter relating to the Hadiths of Prophet and the Glorious Holy Qur’an and not a matter relating to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”.

In a letter to the Kaduna State police commissioner, Mohammed Adamu, the IG directed that the police in the state treat the case “proactively” to ensure “the development does not result to any act that could threaten public peace and security.”

The memo was signed by Idowu Ohowunwa, a commissioner of police and principal staff officer to the IG. It referenced a petition sent to the police IG by a man identified as Lawal Gusau.

“Attached is a copy of letter dated 3rd November, 2020, received from Mal Lawal Moh’d Gusau on the above underlined subject,” it said.

“I am to convey the directive of the inspector general of police that you treat proactively with a view to ensuring the development does not result to any act that could threaten public peace and security.”

Mr Gusau had written a letter of complaint to the IG on the controversial picture of the actress, which generated reactions on social media. He said a blasphemous comment was made against the prophet in reactions that followed the images.

He said if action was not taken, this could degenerate into trouble in the northern part of the country.

“Sir, I am writing to inform you that Rahama Sadau a Kannywood actress through her controversial picture has angered many people and if not quickly looked into could degenerate into a serious crisis,” he said.

Many Nigerians reacted condemning the Summon saying it is a breach of fundamental rights of personal liberty.

Reacting, @Augustin Esther “Small small ooo… Because some people go soon get headache for this matter. The person who was told to appear at Sharia court might probably be on her way to the court. Just pray for her.”

@Ezeaku Merit “But when NuhuRibadu daughter wore hers and apologized, they didn’t drag her to court o. They turn deaf ears because they dare not try such with her Dad.
Wahala be like Bicycle. And some fools are still defending them, as if they don’t watch porn or engage in premarital sex.”

@Faith Igbinoba ” But Atiku’s daughter inlaw wore a wedding dress more revealing than this and the matter died down when she asked for forgiveness…so why can’t this woman be forgiven?? See ehh they’re levels to this shit!”

@Mariam I’m very happy that I was born a Christian, if that’s the only thing my parents did to me,I appreciate them for that.”

@Adesuwa David “This is exactly how they want Nigerians to be. Caged and judged by ppl who don’t even do what they preach.”

@GiftFine IB “The mistake she made was to apologise. She’ll keep apologizing. Me I don’t pretend. Sharia court dsnt feed her,they weren’t there wen she had nothing… Why give a damn about them?”


  1. This is no problem. It’s their Laws that she broke while being aware of it. This is why we need Restructuring and True Federalism so each region can be calming down and minding their own business.

  2. A certain man was seen stuffing dollars in his agbada,no one said anything.. A certain daughter of a top politician wore something exposing her body in her weding day,dey only smiled and clap for her now a daughter of certain man somewhere is being condemned for putting on a cloth exposing only her back side….d law is only effective in D’s country for d poor…#r all men equall???No is d answer in d sight of men

  3. sometimes I feel like leaving this country, but when I get to the airport I asked myself! How will Nigeria cope without me?then I return may God help us.

  4. A real islami isn’t supposed to dress like that, so she broke the law and she is not above it, she has to deal with it.


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