The people of Umuoji village in Amucha, Imo state, were stunned when the corpse of a dead man was disentombed and they discovered he was still “breathing” and his body was yet to decay.

In a video shared and trending online, a crowd is seen gathered around a casket with the body of a dead man inside it.

“He’s breathing, he’s breathing,” people in the crowd say in shock.

According to a source among the crowd, the man reportedly died on November 20, 2019, and was buried on 8 October, 2020,

Another voice is heard saying the man has been dead for one whole year and has been buried for over three weeks yet he’s still breathing. Another voice in the video interjected, saying the man has been buried for almost a year.

“Since I was born, I’ve never heard a thing like this but now I’ve seen it with my two eyes. Abomination,” man filming stated

The man filming explained that the man’s corpse was exhumed because the land he was buried in is someone else’s.

“He was buried in a land that is not his own, so his spirit cannot rest. Because the land he was buried in is not his.” he added

The video shows the casket housing the corpse has already been eaten by insects. However, the man’s body is still intact and has shown no sign of decay. Those gathered round the casket commented on this too.

The daughter of the deceased man was later invited and the casket was opened for her to identify her father.

Below is the video and reactions:




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