A Woman named, Blessing Ofia-InyinyaOfia-inyinya Nwodo is fortunate to be alive after “NEPA” suspended power while she was undergoing surgery in a hospital in Umuahia.

She said her experience drove her into cursing Nigeria but she realized “the country is already cursed.”

Below is her story:

“So I had a surgery for the first time in my life last week. I found a lump in my breast and even though it wasn’t cancerous, I was advised by doctors to remove it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t at home in Lagos. I was in Abia state and their federal hospital was on strike, which I found out after leaving Aba for Umuahia to check, which was after going to different hospitals in Aba.

I then had to go to a private hospital in Umuahia instead. While the surgery was going on, NEPA took light and the Doctor had to leave the operating room to go and ask my aunt waiting outside to run out and call a guy called Ifeanyi to put on the generator, and guess what, Ifeanyi came back to say there was no fuel.

A nurse came in with a torch which the doctor used until the light was restored. I wanted to write (Insert curses for Nigeria) but the country is already cursed.

This is part of why we need to #ENDSARS and #EndBadGovernanceInNigeria 👀🏃🏃🏃

I was on local anaesthesia, staring at the ceiling on the surgery table, trying not to freak out while repeatedly singing Rihanna’s Please Don’t Stop The Music in my head. Especially the part where she just sings

Mama say mama sa mama coo sa

It was repetitive, had a nice beat and didn’t make sense so my mind latched onto it and kept on repeating it. I don’t know why I chose it at that point, I haven’t even played it in a while😂

Days after, my cousin kept on asking how I’m carrying on as if everything was fine because if it were her she’d be shouting down the house all day.

I don’t know. Perhaps it is because the love of my mother, my grandmother, my great grandmother and my great great grandmother, is with me.

I once saw a post on Facebook where people were showing pity for people without siblings because their lives are supposedly lonely and miserable, as though people with siblings never feel lonely and miserable.

I am an only child and yet, I never felt it once in this situation. Even though I had already spent some money running around from lab, to clinic to hospitals, my boss paid for my surgery. If you’re reading this, thank you once again. You changed my perception of bosses in Nigeria.

The few friends I told rallied around me, my relatives in Abia state were supportive. My aunt was with me at the hospital for the surgery, went with me to the histology lab immediately after, bought my drugs, dressed my wound and made sure I was eating.

My cousins made sure I didn’t lack anything and put the minds of my parents at ease since they’re in Lagos. My co-worker brought my stuff from Aba to Umuahia and went back to work that same morning. People I told called everyday to find out if I was okay.

All my doctor friends that I worried for advice responded promptly and google that I asked hundred questions didn’t fail😂 Too much gratitude is in my heart for all of you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Imela. You all make it easier to survive in this world.

PS: October is breast cancer awareness month. That’s why the hash tags #PinkOctober #BreastCancerAwareness and #NoBraDay trend and there’s nothing funny about it, so end the jokes about pressing and sucking women’s breasts to prevent cancer.”



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