The Director General of Oyo State Joint Security Task Force, popularly known as ‘Operation Burst’, Col. Oladipo Ajibola (Rtd.) has declared over the weekend in Ibadan that the second in command to the late Abiola Ebila, the leader of the notorious One Million boys in Ibadan has been arrested and currently facing trial.

The ‘One Million Boys’ is the code-name of a notorious robbery gang known for its robbery activities around Lagos, Ibadan and its surroundings.

Recall that Ebila, leader of the ‘One Million Boys’ in Ibadan was declared wanted sometime in April 2020, in connection with the murder of one Ibadan most wanted thug, Moshood Oladokun, popularly known as Ekugbemi.

Then on the 13th of July, he was taken out by the “Men of the Operation Burst” at Ibadan when he was reported to be involved in a kidnap ring and security personnel rounded him up at his hideout.
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Afterwards, the second in command, popularly known as ‘Eji’ assumed the mantle of leadership of the gang before being arrested for sundry criminal offenses and handed over to the Police for trial.

“The security outfit has rid Ibadan of the menace of the notorious gang as the rest of them have run out of the State to seek cover in other States” Col. Oladipo Ajibola (Rtd.) said.

He added that “Operation Burst” has been able to reduce criminality in Oyo State, people now go about doing their businesses without fear, we have effected a lot of arrests in relation to cultism, yahoo boys and other criminals and handed them over to the right security agency concerned, the high profile among the criminal cases was Abiola Ebila.
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“Ebila, the leader of one million boys was involved in kidnapping and we got him through one of the personalities he kidnapped while he was asking for ransom, the elimination of Ebila has sent other gang leaders out of Oyo State and we are still trailing those who are their minions.”


  1. The protection of live and properties is the sole duty of the government, the ‘ one million boys’ has caused enough havoc, they should be dealt with at once.


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