NNPC GMD, Mallam Mele Kyari in an interview with TVC News on Business Nigeria, spoke on the need for subsidy removal irrespective of the timing, stressing that NNPC is vigourously pursuing a number of refining strategies for the country.


In a tweet by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, with twitter handle @NNPCgroup
“I assure Nigerians that their fears concerning subsidy removal will vanish because potentially, everyone will see the benefits of this difficult decision.”

“We are committed to fixing all the nation’s 4 refineries. We are also vigourously pursuing a number of refining strategies for this country. By the time we are done with all these initiatives, Nigeria’ll be a net exporter of petroleum products”

“We have a commitment (which aligns with Mr. President’s directive) to be accountable to the over 200 million Nigerians, who are our shareholders. We will continue to be transparent in all our transactions and operations.”

“We are transforming into an integrated energy company. We are expanding the sphere of our business & more importantly, we are aligning with the drive of HMoSPR @HETimipreSylva
to improve & deliver on Federal Govt’s gas penetration strategy.”

Reacting to the tweet, Mr Ibrahim Mikal with twitter handle @ibrameek, “We know that, but why now , the timing was very bad, when every thing is deterioration. It would have been better during the last administration, but the APC as an opposition then knew the effect but they gang against the then government. Mr GMD sir, my concern about … Our transportation payment by PEF (petroleum equalisation fund management) we are in sept. now but we have only received January payment, can you see that this people are killing us & killing our business, it has not been so bad like before, pls instruct them to pay us.

Also reacting, Odu Obodumu with twitter handle @OduObodumu
“Doing quiet a good job but d refineries has been a sore point. If d LNG model is d solution, start d process now, shouldn’t take more than 6 months. There should be no Delays. With battalions of workers doing nothing, getting paid & even promotion is not good business”

Abdulyasa Ismail with twitter handle @Abdulyasarisma1 reacted
“PDP removed the subsidies and APC accused the removed the subsidies and now PDP accused against APC?which kind of Drama be this.I call the leaders of Nigeria to kill all the poorest people that life in this country, hmmm”

Mose Baidu Suleiman with twitter handle @SMBaidu
“What is NNPC doing to stop wastes that comes from the refineries? Eg, in the recent published AFS, Kaduna refinery couldn’t generate N1 income but incurred cost over N65bn. How can this system be sustained? Internal measures should have been taken b4 passing to the poor masses.”



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