According to Sowore,a Nigerian human rights activist, pro-democracy campaigner and founder of an online news agency Sahara Reporters, Nigeria could be rightly described as an arbitrary state.

Sowore disclosed this during a webinar on liberation of the youth titled “The role of youths in the struggle towards a better Nigeria”.

The event was organised by Voice of the Youth Movement.

Sowore decried the poor administration and situation of the country, describing the situation as a wicked problem that had adversely dragged the country to the state of underdevelopment.

Omoyele Sowore

He advised the youth to shun misplaced priorities and set a standard for themselves that would enable them gain grounds in the society.

Sowore further disclosed that he does not believe in Nigeria’s judiciary because of their irresistible conspiracy.

He cited different scenarios to back up his position, enjoining Nigerian youth to partake in every effort to rebuild the country.

Founder of Voice of the Youth Movement, Comrade Solomon Richard, disclosed that the online session was held in a bid to further advocate, emancipate and liberate the youth by giving enlightenment on their roles towards a better Nigeria.

Public Relations Officer of the group, Comrade Salman Fawaz, said it was an act of humility from the part of Sowore to have honoured the invitation of the youth movement.

Fawaz said if Nigerian youth could join Sowore in awakening others, the country would become a better place for everyone to live in.

Every time, we point to Malaysia, UAE, Singapore, Norway, China, and South Korea as exemplary models and template for rebuilding Nigeria, but, in truth, turning the country into a paradise does not require any rocket science. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong in thinking and believing that the significant developments and quality of life achieved in those countries can also take place or should have taken place in Nigeria by now.

What is essentially holding us back is the way we think. We do not trust each because of tribe and religion made even more tragic because of what is now known as “identity politics”. This is why I agree with Prof. Kingsley Moghalu when he wrote in his article recently that the current political class cannot lead us to the Promised Land which Nigeria should have attained a long time ago.

When a country is led by politicians with very limited vision driven largely by a “me, myself and I” mentality, there can be no progress. Nigerians desire progress on all fronts and a march to greatness where wealth is created and prosperity is guaranteed for all. Unfortunately, the tragedy is that the majority of Nigerians are still finding it difficult to understand that they hold the power to turn things around by voting out the “bad guys” because of the sobering statistics of underdevelopment that we are confronted with yearly. Elections can be rigged but we can also refuse to be used by politicians; it means election rigging and its twin cousin of violence can be avoided if we are thinking properly.


  1. The youths should set a standard for themselves that would enable them gain grounds in the society. Freedom of speech should be allowed

  2. What pains me most is that after reading inspiring write-ups, Nigerians will spoil it withau God help Nigeria”. God has already helped us. That’s why we went to school and could read and write. I stead of posting stupid things on your Facebook or Whatsapp status, start educating people…….


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