Stealing is generally unacceptable. Stealing is a crime.

Stealing is stealing, irrespective of the circumstances.

When you ask anyone to give you an example of a crime, you might find that for the most part you will get standard answers, like murder or stealing. Moral blameworthiness is always part of the conversation. This makes it difficult to challenge the idea that, for example, stealing, is always wrong and to propose that it might not always be so bad: not every situation of stealing may invoke moral blameworthiness. Indeed, stealing might be justified in certain situations. This raises the question of whether the conduct ought to be excusable in law in these exigent circumstances.

There is certainly no justification for stealing whether it’s food when you stomach is crying the cupboard nor clothes to cover nakedness

A young man who went shopping at a supermarket has been nabbed for lacing his tiny waist with stolen tins of sardines.
A Facebook user, Segun Availeth, who posted the story on his timeline, said the young man was pretending to be shopping before the attendant noticed something very unusual around the man’s waist.

When he was confronted to lift up his shirt, they found six tins of sardines hanging around his underwear.

He wrote;

“He visited a supermarket with a tiny waist, after strolling round the supermarket looking for what to lift, his waist grew bigger, then the attendant was inquisitive to know what vitamin he must have taken in the supermarket that resulted to the waist boosting, only for them to discover it was an artificial waist floated by sardines.”

Stealing” food indicates ownership of the food, which also indicates that someone is purposely and knowingly withholding the food. The phrasing cleverly detracts from a much more serious issue involving humanity.

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  1. Hmmmmm you would just begged for 1 sardine than to steal 6 cans of sardine…
    Sardine is very costly now….. abeg no try at all.

  2. Hmmmmm you would just begged for 1 sardine than to steal 6 cans of sardine…
    Sardine is very costly now….. abeg u no try at all.

  3. That one no be hungry again oo na stilling be dis one stealing with tricks because if it was hungry na only one him for steal young man this is bad.


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