Kojo Nkrumah,Ghanaian Information Minister on Sunday, defended the $1m trade levy and other regulations imposed on Nigerian traders in Ghana, noting that Nigeria had equally issued executive orders preventing foreigners from getting jobs which Nigerians can do.
The minister said it was astonishing that Ghanaian laws could be described as outrageous, noting that it was on record that Nigeria had taken a number of steps in pursuit of its national interests.

He cited the closure of the Seme-Krake borders since August 2019 as part of steps taken by the Federal Government, which he said had affected the neighbouring countries.

Nkrumah accused Nigerian traders in Ghana of gross violations of retail trade laws, including tax evasion, immigration offences, and selling substandard products.

Nkrumah stated this in reaction to a statement by the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, that the Federal Government would no longer condone the reported harassment of Nigerians in the former Gold Coast.

Mohammed had in his statement on Friday listed various acts of aggression against Nigeria and its citizens by the Ghanaian authorities, including the takeover of some Nigerian diplomatic properties, discriminatory deportation of 825 Nigerians within one year and harsh jail sentences on Nigerians.

But Nkrumah said contrary to Mohammed’s claims that 825 Nigerians were deported between January 2018 and February 2019, only 700 Nigerians involved in fraud, prostitution, and armed robbery were deported from Ghana.

Nkrumah stated, “The Federal Republic (Nigeria), on the other hand, is on record to have taken a number of steps in recent months, in pursuit of her national interests, which have gravely affected other countries in the region.

“These include the closure of Nigeria’s Seme-Krake border from August 2019 to date and the issuance of executive orders by Nigeria’s Presidency preventing foreigners from getting jobs which Nigerians can do, to mention a few.”

The minister assured that the Ghanaian President, Nana Akufo-Addo, would engage with Nigeria’s President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), and develop a framework for validating the claims of ill-treatment of citizens of either country and ensure they enjoy the full exercise of their rights while respecting the sovereignty and laws of both countries.

Nkrumah said his counterpart’s assertion on the alleged seizure of Nigerian Mission property located at No. 10, Barnes Road, Accra, was incorrect, noting that the land was acquired by Nigeria from a private citizen, Thomas Hardy, on October 23, 1959.

The minister explained that the commercial lease on the land expired 46 years ago without any evidence of renewal by the Nigerian High Commission in Ghana.

On the high residency permit levies, including the $120 for COVID-19 test imposed by the authorities, Nkrumah stated that this applied to all foreigners and not just Nigerians.


  1. Whatever decision the Ghana govt takes in their national interest is up to them, unfortunately a lot of Nigerians will be affected. A great country like Nigeria allowed itself to descend to this pitiable level because of wrong policies, high level corruption etc. Our people have also not made it easy at all, they are the first in every crime, to the extent that other nationals will commit a crime and it will be attributed to Nigerians. It’s unfortunate but it’s the hard reality.

  2. The fact remain that even if government creat job to people individually, many Nigerian will still be disgracing themselves by stealing and robbery

  3. It is a very shameful thing to see that Nigerians are going up there to orders peoples country to messed up and stain the country with bad name’s all because of there is no job in our country, at times you meet the corrupt ones they will tell you to pay money that they will secure you a job which they will collect you the money and yet you will not even see them neither the job not to talk of them picking your calls again. It is very bad that our leader will see this and they will not do something about it, deporting them down here what are they coming back to do🤐still the same work and cost of robbery will increase the more, I pray may God help us in this country.

  4. Some youths are bent to destroy Nigeria, forgetting that whatsoever decision the Ghana goverment takes shall also affects Nigerians

  5. The one wet una dey do for here never do abi una carry the bad habbit go another country why please oo you people should stop it.

  6. Does people that is doing such things in other countries, They are going there to tanish Nigeria 🇳🇬 image ni now.Is better sit tight and stopping disgrace 🇳🇬 in other country.


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