Finding out your partner is cheating is no justification for murder. The idea that murder could be justified is based on the belief that a marriage partner is your “property” and not entitled to leave you. This usually translates into a financial motive – the murderer might cynically prefer to kill the husband/ wife, rather than lose money in a divorce.

Police in Kagera Region, Tanzania have arrested a 26-year-old man accused of killing his 28-year-old lover and her daughter.
Derick Dambuve killed the two after his lover, Helda Amon, who had carried her child to Derick’s place, engaged in sexual intercourse with Derick’s roommate identified as Kajere Ibrahim.

Kagera regional police boss, Revocatus Malimi, told Tanzanian news outlet, Global Publishers, that the incident occurred at the suspect’s home in Mukoma Village in Ngara District, Northwest Tanzania last Saturday, August 22.

Police say Derick’s lover, Helda, had gone to Mukoma village for open market day, when she and the suspect met.

“Helda, a married woman, had carried her daughter, Gladness, with her to the market. Later that day, she went into a bar, where she met Derick,” said Malimi, the Kagera regional police boss.

“The two liked each other, and Helda agreed to accompany Derick to his home for the night. Derick, who is a mason, still had some work to complete. As a result, he asked his friend, identified as Alex Gray, to take Helda to his (Alex’s) home, where he (Derick) would later pick her from.

“Before leaving for work, Derick bought Helda and Alex alcohol. Later that evening, Alex took Helda to Derick’s house believing he (Derick) had already returned home from work.

“However, Helda found Derick’s door locked, and was, as a result, forced to wait outside.”

The police boss said while Helda was waiting for Derick to return home, his roommate, Kajere, arrived and ushered the mother-and-child into the house.

“Kajere seduced Helda. Shortly after knowing each other, the two engaged in sexual intercourse. The incident happened in Derick’s house. As they were still immersed in intimacy, Derick arrived unannounced, catching the two in bed.

“Kajere managed to escape, leaving Helda and her daughter behind. An enraged Derick picked all manner of crude weapons and struck Helda on different parts of her body. Eventually, Derick picked a barbell (weight lifting equipment) and smashed it against Helda’s chest, killing her on the spot.

“Derick killed Helda as her daughter, Gladness, watched. The child, who is below five years, began crying on seeing her mother lying motionless in a pool of blood. A livid Derick picked the same weight lifting equipment he’d just used to kill Helda, and smashed it against the child, killing her instantly.

Derick is being held in lawful custody at a Kagera police station. He will, upon completion of investigations, be charged with causing the deaths of Helda and her child.


  1. For whatever reason, no matter the extent of provocation, killing or taking another person’s life is unacceptable. He will have to face the law and God’s law.

  2. Y must he took such dractic action, to the extent of killing her child too that is a very bad one, he would had just disengage himself from her beside she was just his lover and not his wife, can he swear it that he had not slept with another woman through out his stayed with her? I know is bad that it had to be with his own roommate , I pray her family should revange her death because is so hurt what nonsense.

  3. Na wa oo🤔😒 killing someone is now a thing that some people are taking it easy to do now. They kill somebody as if a animals or insert because of what! Can you if create even a sand not to talk of human being.. May God help him.


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