The farmers and residents of the in Ikoyi-Ile area in Orire local government area of Oyo State has resolved to fight back suspected herders causing chaos in their community.

This came after the alleged herdsmen and farmers clashed in the community, an incident that led to the raping of two women, one farmer’s hand severed while other residents sustained severe injuries.


The development was confirmed to newsmen in a statement by the Secretary of Idera Agbe Farmers Association in the council, Chief Joseph Oyekola.

Narrating the disturbing events caused by the suspected herdsmen, Oyekola, who doubles as the Babalaje Agbe in the local government told newsmen that: “We don’t know what to do because if we take any step or revenge, it might lead to bloodshed. Herdsmen cut off the hand of one of our workers working on the farm, they destroyed our farm products. Another farmer was macheted on the head while others were injured, and two of our minors were also raped.”

Reporting his experience with the herdsmen, another farmer who gave his name as Usman Daudu, told authorities that his farm products were also destroyed by the herders. According to him, 20 hectares of his farmland planted with maize, yam and tomatoes, were destroyed by the herdsmen.

He said, “They have not stopped the attack on our farm, we have pleaded with them several times yet they didn’t yield to our plea. They are ‘Bororo’ Fulani because the Fulani that have been living with us never had any issue with us.”

On his part, while reacting to the incident, the monarch of the area and the Onikoyi of Ikoyi-Ile, Oba Abdul-Yekeen Oladipupo, told reporters that he has been trying his best to establish peaceful coexistence between the farmers and herders in the area. He said farmers/herders clashes are not limited to the area.

“We have tried to resolve the issue many times because it is difficult to separate farmers and herders. We have been living together for a while,” Oladipupo said.

“I have taken a lot of steps in the matter so as to find a lasting solution to it but it seems my efforts are not sufficient to achieve the goal. So, we need government intervention in the matter. He added

“I’ve had series of meetings with all the Baales (family heads) around me to find solution to the issue. In fact, I even had meetings with the Assistant Inspector General of Police (Zone 11) in Osogbo together with the Commissioner of Police, and the police assured of coming to our aid.”Oladipupo added.

He urged the Oyo state governor, Seyi Makinde, House of Assembly and security agencies to look into addressing the occurrences people his people resolve to self-help, noting that he does not want bloodshed again in the town.


  1. Fulani herdsmen killing and maiming people in the South, and we are always in front defending the actions, with our leaders always promising protection. Until we stand up against this evil I don’t see any end. When they finish in the NE, and current exploit in NW and NC , the foot soldiers in South will get the required reinforcement and it will be too late. Southerners be wise.

  2. We’re not longer safe in our country because of this so called herdmen… Our leaders are just there doing nothing about this kind of pathetic news. We have to take action serious action else this herdmen will turned our people into chicken.
    This evil act is uncall for… Lets safe our people, Nigeria is One…

  3. This situation if not handled properly will be disastrous to most Nigerian communities. These herdsmen are everywhere now under the guise of cattle rearing. I wonder what our security agencies are doing with all the money spent on security

  4. I think the issue of this herdsmen has become worse than that of the boko haram, these people maim and kill people everyday yet the government of the day has refused to label them as terrorist, it’s a matter of time and they will start killing their own, maybe that’s when the government will look into the issue of arm banditary seriously.

  5. Twenty-five-year-old Victoria Okocha gave a chilling account of how she was abducted by suspected herdsmen in Isa-Ogwashi-Uku area of Delta state, gang-raped and forced to drink another victim’s blood as water, while in her captors’ den.

  6. She said “In my weak state, I begged them to give me some water to drink and they offered me blood. The blood was that of a lady they kidnapped and murdered while I was there. They also drank out of the blood.

    “Leader of the gang, who could speak English, told me that their intention was also to kill me because my family did not give them a reasonable amount. But he intervened by sending other members away and told me to run away, showing me the direction to take.

  7. Kai…! My heart bleeds whenever I stumble on News concerning the chaos these LOW LIVES are constituting. What the HELL is so difficult about putting these people eternally in their place? With the sort of doom NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT allow these CURSED MISCREANTS unleash on her citizens, it shall NEVER be well with each and everyone of them that have their hands soiled in these… They will so wish they were never CREATED. I keep wondering how on EARTH we became so UNFORTUNATE to be CONFINED in the same space as THESE UNCIRCUMCISED BEASTS that they keep causing people pain and unending suffering, How can human heart be so WICKED and EVIL? My earnest prayer for them is MAY THEY KNOW NO REPENTANCE, their soul will neither find PEACE nor REST in this LIFE and the AFTERLIFE. May MOTHER EARTH even reject their CARCASS, they have committed so much EVIL that I can’t find a place in my heart to wish them well despite my CHRISTENDOM so…that they will be cast to ABYSS where they will rot for all ETERNITY AMEN!

  8. Matter ye long, I challenge any youth to stand up and join me on the revolution to change the situation.

    But no, we are scared to speak, and scared to fight, we don’t want to die, but no reason to live for.

  9. All Fulani,Aboki,Bororo or what ever they are calling them selves are Buhari’s family. That is why he just be looking at us like that, He didn’t know what he can’t say about it. They are kidnapped people, Rapeing, Stilling and also turned to Boko Haram doing what ever they like and our leaders just be silent where they are. They are just being looking like they did not know what is going on, no problem oo every one of you just be remain silent like that oo don’t even find something to It oo God will judge it .


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