The Governor of Katsina State, Aminu Bello Masari

Gov. Aminu Bello Masari

He has warned judges and police to put an end releasing criminals on bail.

Significantly, hundreds of looters and criminals arrested by the police have been immediately released due to the state’s bail-reform law that some say is turning the criminal justice process into a mockery and threatening public safety thereby sabotaging efforts to restoring peace, security and end banditry activities.

Gov. Masari, spoke at disbursement of empowerment package and scholarship allowance sponsored by a state-based businessman, Alhaji Salisu Mamman Continental.

He said releasing criminals on bail was not helping security to restore peace and end banditry activities.

Masari also warned police to stop revealing names of people that exposed activities of informants who are aiding activities of bandits.

“Police should stop revealing names of people that expose activities of informants because the bandits will in turn attack them,” he stated.

He also warned people of the state to stop providing shelter to criminals but assist and encourage security agents in discharging their responsibilities.

Masari, who laid foundation for construction of an assembly hall to accommodate 350 students, lauded the effort of Alhaji Mamman in the area of education and assisting people.

He recalled that Mamman had built a community secondary school at Kadandani village in Rimi Local Government Area of the state, police outpost and many other projects to address problems facing the area.

Masari called on wealthy individuals to emulate the philanthropist, especially in the area of education and minimising poverty among people.

Earlier, Alhaji Mamman had said that about N10 million would be disbursed as empowerment package to 1,000 women.

He added that N7 million would also be disbursed to students of tertiary institutions as scholarship allowance.

He said the empowerment package was to reduce poverty and assist them to boost their businesses.

Mamman challenged people of the state to initiate assistance for less-privileged people to minimise poverty in the state.


  1. If we should go by this rule, I think virtually all politicians should end in jail, because they are pretty criminals that has stolen funds and resources meant the our general welfare,
    Secondly, the Nigeria police system is in a derogatory state, as most armed criminals cases are settled in police station without letting the law to take it’s full course,
    The Nigeria police needs rigorous reform to put and end to this mockery.

  2. I concur to this…but will these other corrupt politicians who are their God- fathers concur…? Na there LIES the problem.

  3. Who are this criminals you refer to, because from my last research, you politician are the criminals.

    The boys who carry guns around, committing this crime you define, are sponsored by the politicians.


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