A Nigerian journalist, blogger and activist, Kemi Olunloyo stated this in one of her controversial tweet on twitter that marriage is not ordained by God and backed up her claims with a reason . Her reason is divorce.
According to her, there will be no divorce if marriage was ordained by God.
Lots of Nigerians in a comments reacted to her tweet. In one the comments, @ramzy_fatima reacts ”
Life was not ordained by God
Life was not ordained by God
Life was not ordained by God
If true there won’t be death”


Kemi Olunloyo in one of her recent statement, labelled marriage in Nigeria to be the biggest scam.

She said:

“Never been married, never will. I said this at 27yo. 30 yrs later all my classmates are DIVORCED or on the 4th husband like Joy Nunieh, Many married men kill their wives too, frequent Prostitutes, side chick. Dump that marriage culture,”

See the comments below:


  1. Coming from a cheap feminist. 😂😂 😂
    I don’t just know why Kemi derives so much pleasure in misleading the younger generation.

    Small time now she give us another lamba! 😂

  2. Hmmm… Na wa o some people self.. More so, marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled but whoremonger and adulterer God will judge. Ma, there’s need for you to come out and know Christ. Human intelligence doesn’t corroborate with scriptural knowledge. okay having children from different men’s was ordained by God then.. Shine your eyes Woman.

  3. Hnmmmmm….. Marriage is ordained by God and its also life fulfillment. So Madam if your marriage doesn’t workout, do not impact negative vibe to our young girls.
    In this life, our future is in our hands and that of God.

  4. I think the younger generation should desist from listening to this woman, she is a failed feminist with no logical ideoloy,
    Marriage is a honourable thing, and it is ordained by God, she should read the holy book.
    If she has failed in any relationship or marriage, she should look inward instead of uttering this blasphemous utterances.

  5. I have followed kemi for long, but I stopped after I discovered that she has nothing to offer the society, young girls and women should stop listening to her, her impact is nothing but negative, she’s just a self acclaimed journalist with no sense of direction.

  6. She obviously wouldn’t have said such if she is a Muslim, she would have been suffering the consequences of her words.

  7. This woman is a failure does she even studies her bible at all? I don’t think so I believe she needs help from above

  8. This are the kind of people that corrupt young minds. before she say things like this she should look into her life and correct it instead of speaking out of proportion


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