A Nigerian Pastor has stirred up controversy over a video of him bringing a ‘dead woman’ who was brought to his church, back to life.

A woman was spotted in a casket with whitish substance on her face as the Pastor prayed. Some members of the church were also spotted singing in the background before the woman who was being prayed for, leaped out of the casket.

This has stirred up a controversy on social media which is centered on “fake miracle”.

Here is the video below;


    • Is this how a dead body is prepared for burial? This is not a show of power of God but pastor wants to be perceived as powerful, what a tragedy in the kingdom.

  1. Christianity is such a mess now. And it all started by prosperity preachers. Fraudsters now opening churches everywhere. Look at the dead wearing ankara running out of a coffin like the money they paid her has expired. If you like keep following them, me i am reading the bible for myself now. No more paying tithes. I give directly to the needies.

    • A True Prophet of The Most High will not even perform miracles in front of a camera. Inhabitants of The World, Repent for The Kingdom of The Most High is At Hand. Events that will shake the foundations of this Earth is ahead of us all. It’s time to seek our Maker (not religion). Please.

  2. This is serious…oyegeyege. There are many cemeteries and ICUs. Am sure the miracles can help revive many dead folks and sick ones!

    • Its because there is no shortage of fools that will readily believe these Pastors’ hoopla, that’s why they continue this stupidity. Are his parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, in-laws, friends all alive? Why not start with the dead ones among them, go to their graves, resurrect them and he would not need TV or social media to advertise this chicanery. Religiosity will kill Nigeria

  3. It’s so unfortunate people do not have the fear of God anymore. The best part is that all those who use God’s name for anything negative will surely get their reward.

  4. Christianity has now become a joke to so many, most pastors now fake peoples death in order to take the glory of God. All kinds of things are now been done in the church I pray God have mercy on is all.


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